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Dog Food & Recipes

Dog enjoyiny a dog friendly rainbow coloured ice pop

Dog Food & Recipes

Refreshing Rainbow Ice Pops!

Homemade Recipe Homemade Recipe On days like today nothing beats the taste of a refreshing rainbow ice pop. Here’s how to make it…

Dog Food & Recipes

Delicious Doggy Smoothies

Our team’s paws have been busy whisking up and creating some smoothie delights for our dogs at day care. We’ve put together…

Dachshund enjoying a dog snuffle mat at doggy day care

Dog Food & Recipes

Discover how to make your doggy’s meal times more exciting!

At Bruce’s we love to make our pooches meal times more exciting by using creative ways to stimulate the senses. We wanted to…

Beagle enjoying eating a dog friendly birthday cake

Dog Food & Recipes

Pawfect birthday cake

Whether you are celebrating a doggy birthday, or just looking for a treat! We have a delicious recipe to spoil your pooch!…

Dachshund lying on their back in a ball pit of easter eggs

Dog Food & Recipes

DIY dog friendly Easter egg hunt

Easter can be fun for our four-legged furry friends too, so why not create your own dog friendly Easter egg hunt! We have…

Dachshund licking their lips ready to enjoy dog friendly pancakes

Dog Food & Recipes

Pooch pawfect pancakes!

Our pooches can celebrate pancake day too and we have the pawfect recipe for your dog to enjoy! Ingredients Ingredients…

Dog friendly halloween pumpkin treats recipe

Dog Food & Recipes

Spooktacular pumpkin snacks

Monster mash pumpkin Added to your dogs usual kibble, perfect for cosy Sunday brunch. Frankensteins’ frozen treats Blitzed up…

Dog friendly ice cube enrichment

Dog Food & Recipes

Pooch pops for the Summer sun!

It’s heating up and enjoying an ice lolly or ice cream is a summer fave. Dogs can also enjoy a frozen treat and it…

Retriever enjoying their doggy dinner after doggy day care

Dog Food & Recipes

The best doggy chicken dinner!

  There are lots of human foods that can not only be a delicious treat for your dog but also provide lots of nutrients…

Dog Food & Recipes

The pawfect dog friendly picnic
with your dog

Why not make the most of summer and enjoy a doggy day out with all the family with a dog friendly picnic! To…

Jack Russell on a summers day waiting by the BBQ

Dog Food & Recipes

Bruce’s Barking BBQs

Nothing beats the smell of a BBQ on a summer’s day, and of course, our dogs are no exception. Why not let your dog…

Puppies at doggy day care enjoying a drink from their water bowl

Dog Food & Recipes

No-go foods for dogs

Most dog lovers know that chocolate is an absolute no-no for their four-legged friends, as it contains theobromine which can lead to a toxic…

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