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Health & hygiene

Health & hygiene

Firework season top tips

Fireworks can be scary for dogs. The loud noises and flashing lights can be unsettling but our Head of Enrichment, Louise has…

Health & hygiene

Pampered pooch paws

A dog’s paws are pretty tough, built for all sorts of terrain and weather, however, some of the drier months can cause dry and…

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Health & hygiene

A dog’s life: luxury in later years

From around 10 years onwards dogs enter their winter years. By now you will have had many happy times together, and all being…

Health & hygiene

A dog’s life: neutering

Your puppy has settled into your home and is learning lots of new things through puppy training and socialisation. So far, so good! Now…


Health & hygiene

Ticks – our top tips!

So what exactly are ticks? Well, there are various types of ticks, all of which can potentially cause harm to humans and dogs. Spotting…

Health & hygiene

Autumn boosts for top dog health

Autumn is a beautiful season with nature’s glorious colours and, if we’re lucky, some late summer-style sunshine! But it also highlights that winter is…

Health & hygiene

New Year’s resolutions for your dog

New Year’s resolutions are not just for humans. It’s a good time to take a look at your dog’s habits and lifestyle too. So…


Health & hygiene

Doggy Dental

Did you know… Did you know… Although very strong, dogs teeth are prone to weakness and decay just like ours, and therefore need…


Health & hygiene

A dog’s life: grooming for the older dog

As your dog matures and mellows, their grooming routine will need revisiting. Dogs in their autumn years will see changes in their skin, coat,…


Health & hygiene

A dog’s life: diet tips for doggy veterans

Just like us humans, older dogs are prone to putting on weight. So reassessing their diet as they mature is important to ensure a…

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Health & hygiene

Grooming at home top tips!

We know it’s tempting to get hold of the clippers for a DIY doggy cut, but if you’ve never done so before, think…


Health & hygiene

Summer shedding top tips

What is shedding? What is shedding? The majority of dogs have a soft undercoat underneath a tougher topcoat. This undercoat will shed…

Health & hygiene

Keeping your dog cool in a heatwave

We’ve enjoyed plenty of sunshine over the last few weeks and as temperatures rise we’ve got some top tips to help keep your dog…

Health & hygiene

Ask Bruce: Second chance

Melissa is planning to take on a rescue dog as a family pet. She asks; where is the best place to start and should…

Health & hygiene

Ask Bruce: Playing ball

Dog owner Peggy has a working cocker spaniel who loves to play ball over and over again. Peggy asks; will this repetitive running after…

Cutting claws

Health & hygiene

Ask Bruce: Cutting claws

Barbara Turner asks Bruce; how do I cut my dog’s black nails? There is a pink area underneath each nail with…

Dog dry skin

Health & hygiene

Ask Bruce: Treating dry skin

Ann Highgate asks if supplements are the best thing for her West Highland Terrier’s very dry skin? Supplements are important and…

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