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How Dogs Think…


Dogs are the oldest domesticated species

Dogs are the oldest domesticated species

They’ve been interacting with people for tens of thousands of years, and as a result, have learned how to understand and communicate with us better than any other species.

But how exactly do they think?


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Dogs can’t read, write or speak like humans do, but their strong sense of observation allows them to understand our body language, smells and tones of voice.

Their brains are smaller than ours but despite this, dogs are smarter than you think. Given the time and correct training, any dog can be taught to recognise symbols and words and the actions associated with them.

They process sensation and emotion just like us. Studies show dogs are capable of feeling happiness, optimism, anxiety, fear and depression.


Dogs can certainly understand us. But do they also try to talk back? 

The answer is yes.

Dogs communicate through body language and they make sounds that give us a wealth of information about what they’re thinking. Once you understand what your dog needs and wants, it becomes a lot easier to understand their behaviour and know what they’re thinking.

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