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Is your dog like you?


Bruce’s team member sat on the floor outside, playing with two dogs

Recent research has shown that your dog’s personality could be the same as yours.

So if you’re stressed, your dog will become anxious too. Whereas if you’re a more relaxed, happy-go-lucky type, your dog will also be a chilled out canine.

I’ve always known dogs pick up on the environment and people around them. We see it all the time here at doggy day care. The quieter ones relax in a calm spot and observe, while the high energy hounds naturally gather together and play for hours. And the puppies, well for most of the day, they alternate between rest and play.


Bruce Casalis and his two labradors

There’s also been many a newspaper article on dogs that look like their owners. From schnauzers and men with beards, to permed grandmas and their poodles, and elegant long-haired ladies with afghan hounds.

I’m pleased to say I don’t look anything like my yellow retrievers, Roosha and Rio! But I’m a pretty chilled out, easy-going person, and so are my two girls.

Perhaps there’s something in this research then…

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