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Refreshing Rainbow Ice Pops!


Homemade Recipe

Small dog enjoyiny a dog friendly rainbow coloured ice pop

Homemade Recipe

On days like today nothing beats the taste of a refreshing rainbow ice pop. Here’s how to make it at home…

Our team used a bucket to make this giant ice pop but you can always make smaller ones at home using ice lolly and ice cream moulds.

You’ll need to freeze each layer first before moving onto the next layer. The larger the mould the longer you’ll need to wait in between freezes but the bigger the treat will be!


Dog enjoyiny a dog friendly rainbow coloured ice pop

Red: Blended strawberries and raspberries mixed in water with added chunks of strawberries, raspberries and red pepper

Orange: Mashed sweet potato mixed in water with chunks of fresh carrot, peppers, boiled sweet potato and turmeric

Yellow:  Blended pineapple mixed in water with chunks of yellow pepper, mango and pineapple

Green: Blended peas and green beans mixed in water with chunks of broccoli, peas and green beans

Blue: Blueberries mixed with water and natural food colouring

Purple: Steeped blueberries in boiling water with added beetroot

We know your dog will enjoy this frozen tasty snack!

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