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The Pawfect Valentine’s Date


Woof you be mine?

Woof you be mine?

Who said you can’t spend valentine’s day with your four-legged friend?

We’ve pulled together our top 10 favourite doggy date ideas for the pawfect valentine’s.

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Two golden retriever puppies sniffing plastic red roses

1. Head out to your favourite walking spot. Be it down in the woods or at the beach, your dog is sure to love the quality time with you.

2. Bake a doggy cake. You can even get your furry friend to lend a paw in the process.

3. Organise a play date with furriends!


4. Why not have a Valentine’s photo shoot with your pooch?

5. Everyone deserves to treat themselves, even our dogs so a shopping trip can always be a good idea!

6. Unleash your creativity with some arts, crafts and paw painting!


Brussels Griffon sat on the table enjoying a valentines doggy dinner date

7. Play some doggy enrichment games. We’ve got some great games for you to play at home…

8. Pamper yourself and pamper your dog, you both deserve it!

9. Cook your dog’s favourite dinner paired with a glass of pawsecco.

10. End the day with a doggy movie night. You can find our favourites here!