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Back To School

By hannah

Our usual routine has gone barking mad! While we prepare for some normality it's important we remember our dogs may need some help getting back to their normal routines too! Here are some tips for getting back to your Rover routine.

Meal times

Your dog bases a lot of their timekeeping around their mealtimes, make sure you schedule meals in line with the new routine.


Separation anxiety

Our dogs have got used to having us an around...a lot! To suddenly change to having more time on their own may cause some separation anxiety. Help your dog adjust by spending time apart, even if this is in separate rooms. If you have a garden you can practice leaving the house to get your dog familiar with the process.

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Your dog will feel much more relaxed about a change of routine if they are well exercised and mentally stimulated. When you're leaving your dog, you can leave something to keep them busy such as a kong or snuffle matt. If the weather is warm you can freeze it before to keep dogs entertained for longer.


Safe zone

Make sure to give your dog a cosy zone in the house to feel safe while you are out, leaving something that has your smell on can really help your dog feel at ease in your absence. Leaving the radio on can help your dog get gradually used to a quieter house.


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