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A regular debate I find myself having with doggy (and non-doggy) people, is should I send my dog to day care? And as director of my own doggy day care business, it may surprise you that my answer is sometimes no. Just like humans, while dogs may be from the...
Award-winning London and Surrey dog crèche company, Bruce’s Doggy Day Care, is calling for dog owners to consider the following five New Year’s Resolutions for their four-legged friends: Neutering: controversial but a recognised aid for better behaved sociable dogs. Exercise: get the balance right – under-exercise leads to unfit obese...
Back in 1978, the Dogs Trust (then known as the National Canine Defence League) came up with the now famous slogan ‘A dog is for life, not just for Christmas’. And while much has changed over the past 36 years, the meaning behind this significant statement hasn’t. Dogs are a...
Not just for Wombles, Wimbledon Common is a glorious doggy oasis in south-west London enjoyed by walkers, joggers and horse and bike riders alike. Mixed terrains include grassland, woodland and sandy tracks, and with over 1,000 acres to explore, every walk can be different from the next. Here’s one of...
The government has just introduced a new law that all dogs must be chipped by 2016. This is to help with keep the number of stay dogs and dangerous dogs down. The will be a fine of £500 if a dog is found not chipped and is a great way...

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