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Bruce’s Cookham / Woodcote Green Monday or Friday New Joiner Offer

Terms and Conditions

Book your place at Bruce’s Cookham or Woodcote Green on a Monday or a Friday and receive £8 off your daily rate. 

  1. The promoter is: Bruce’s Pet Care Ltd (company no. 07602894) 
  2. This offer is valid until Tuesday 31st January 2023 for new dog sign ups only at Bruce’s Cookham or Bruce’s Woodcote Green. 
  3. This offer is valid for day care sessions on either Monday or Friday and allows the customer to receive £8 off the regular daily rate of £48. 
  4. This is offer is not valid for customers attending for more than one day per week unless the second day is a Friday. Should a customer wish to book both Monday & Friday as their regular schedule they are entitled to £5 off the regular two day daily rate of £45.
  5. With the offer mentioned in point 3, the customers monthly fee for one session each week would be £170 or £340 for two sessions each week.
  6. This offer is valid for new sign ups on our full day home collection services or owner drop. 
  7. Should the customer wish to change their regular day to a Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday the offer is no longer valid.
  8. Bruce’s requires one month’s notice of cancellation. The Client agrees to provide such notice or pay the amount that would be due during this notice period. The Client may cancel with notice at any time; there is no minimum term of contract. 
  9. By a) enrolling a dog with or b) permitting a dog to attend or c) accepting the Services of Bruce’s and its staff, the Client is deemed to have accepted Bruce’s Terms and Conditions.