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Country life for Fulham dogs

Fulham in south west London is a highly sought-after area to live, largely because of its delightful surroundings and proximity to central London, which makes it popular with commuters.

As well as great shops and restaurants, it’s also home to the bustling North End Road Market, and of course not one but two Premier League football clubs – Chelsea FC and Fulham Football Club Limited.

And for many Fulham residents who love city life, they also crave a slice of country life at the weekends out walking with their dogs. But what to do with them in the week while at work?

Most wouldn’t consider leaving their four-legged friend home alone all day with just a one hour dog walker visit at lunchtime. Particularly for the livelier breeds that need lots of exercise and mental stimulation such as Labradors and Terriers!

The answer is Fulham doggy daycare in the country. How? The dogs are collected by doggy chauffeurs from their city homes to spend the day with their friends at a doggy daycare playground in Surrey. Great fun!

Proof that week-long country life is possible for Fulham city dogs!