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Exciting times for Esher Doggie Day care

This week has been a particularly exciting week for dog walkers in Esher, as well as all the dogs coming from Esher, Cobham and Oxshott in Surrey. Bruce’s Dog Walking has decided to have a professional video filmed and produced next few weeks at the Esher doggie day care centre. The Video is to show the clients, friends and family, just how much fun the dogs have at the Doggie day care centre in Esher. In preparation, the Esher dog walkers have been busy cleaning out the pools and cutting the grass at the Esher doggie day care centre. To make it interesting they dog walkers involved all the dogs in all the daily activities. The dogs just love being around and playing with their dog walker, whatever activity this might involve. The cleaning out of the pools was quite a big job, but as they say time flies when your having fun! All the Esher dogs and dogs walkers from Esher definitely had a great time. As the dog walkers took the water out the pool, all the dogs would excitedly wait and then try and catch it in their mouths as it splashed out of the bucket. By the time the pool was all nice and clean and filling up with fresh clean water, the Esher dogs and their dog walkers were completely drenched and looked like they had been swimming all day! The second job was getting the grass mowed. The Esher dogs all do love it when the grass has been freshly cut. Along with their Esher dog walker they play and jump around in all the piles of cut grass, although they are more keen to roll around in the grass than the dog walkers! Bruce’s Dog Walking offers a Esher dog walking and Esher doggy day care service to clients based in Esher, Cobham and Oxshott. Bruce’s Dog Walking operates a full doggy day care centre, with acres of outdoor play areas, swimming pools, an agility course and indoor areas with dog beds for relaxing. Check out the videos in the gallery to see how much fun the dogs have! Dog Walking areas covered in London include: Balham, Barnes, Clapham, Chiswick, Battersea, East Sheen, Kew, Mortlake, Richmond, South Acton, Tooting, Wandsworth. Dog walking areas covered in Surrey include: Cobham, Oxshott, Esher