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Firework fears: keeping your dog safe

November the fifth may bring fun and fireworks for many, but for our dogs it can be terrifying.

From big bangs to bright lights and sizzling sparklers, they don’t understand what’s happening and can be traumatised for days.


Here are our top five tips on keeping your dog safe this fireworks night:

  1. Make sure all your dog walking is done during the day when it’s light and before the fireworks begin. Aim for extra-long walks too, so your dog is tired and will hopefully sleep through some of the activity.

  2. When it does get dark, close all your windows and curtains and turn on the television or radio to mask the noise. Everyday family chatter is also a great noise distraction.

  3. Create a safe hiding place for your dog to retreat to if needed. Many dogs favour somewhere that is covered like under a bed or table.

  4. Remain very calm yourself. If your dog becomes agitated but sees you are not phased at all this will reassure them.

  5. Purchase some plug in pheromone diffusers such as Adaptil which release synthetic pheromones to reduce anxiety. Dog collars with a similar action are also available and work just as well.