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Fireworks night: top tips to keep your dog safe

Firework season is fast-approaching; here is some advice for people with noise phobic dogs from local vets, Vet4life.

Preparation is key and should ideally start during the weeks before fireworks start; here are a few things to consider in the run-up:

During the firework season, dog owners may also want to try these:

Very often, several or all the above measures are required to help reduce stress created by fireworks.

If the above measures have been taken, but the pet is still showing or likely to show signs of fear, then medical treatment is justified. This involves powerful prescription medications so will require a veterinary health examination before they can be dispensed.

Vet4life is based in Teddington, Shepperton and Surbiton. Please contact direct if you require further advice or help with your four-legged friends – www.vet4life.co.uk, 020 8977 3955.