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Grooming at home

By hannah

With the majority of grooming salons temporarily closed, keeping your dog as well-groomed as possible in the meantime is essential in preventing matting and keeping coats manageable. Don't be tempted to get hold of the clippers for a DIY cut if you have never done so before, not only can it be unsafe, we are pretty sure your dog may not appreciate their new style (We all remember our own DIY haircuts!)

Regular brushing

Regular brushing and combing can really help keep matting at bay. Our head groomer Lauren recommends a slicker brush or comb that can work through the coat. Focus on the problem areas such as armpits and behind the ears. If your dog regularly uses a harness, rubbing can also cause matting around the chest and neck area.


Bathing can really help tease out small mats and remove dirt. A good conditioner will soften your dog's coat leaving it more manageable. After you've bathed them avoid rubbing your dog with a towel as this can cause matting to get worse, instead wrap them in a towel and gently squeeze dry.

Make it fun!

If your dog isn't a fan of a brush or has a tendency to fidget, try a little and often approach with lots of praise and treats. 

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