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How to keep your dog cool in a heatwave

By Bruce Casalis
summer heatwave hot weather dogs cool


Wow it’s hot. And it’s getting hotter.

After weeks of warm weather, the Met Office has issued a heatwave weather warning saying there is more to come with temperatures peaking at 30°C plus.

While humans are being advised to take care in the sun, what about our canine companions?

Here’s our quick checklist on how to keep your beloved dogs supercool.

  • Make sure they have constant access to plenty of fresh drinking water and add ice cubes through the day to top it up and keep it cold.
  • Provide shallow paddling pools which they can use at liberty to cool down and maintain their body temperature.
  • Allowing them to lie on wet towels or special doggy cooling mats will also help regulate them as will cold hosing their legs and belly area. Or try one of the many dog cooling coats that are now available.
  • Provide shady spots where they can rest either indoors or under trees and gazebos.
  • Spoil them with some homemade frozen dog treats.
  • Don’t allow them to over-exercise. Most dogs won’t be as keen to run around in the heat, but it’s up to their owners to keep an eye on them too.
  • Save dog walks for the beginning or end of the day, and be wary of walking on hard surfaces which can become very hot and burn their paws.

If your dog does show signs of heatstroke, such as collapsing and excessively heavy panting or dribbling, contact your vet immediately.

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