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How Smart Is Your Dog? Test Your Pet’s Brain Power for Science

Brian Hare, a biological anthropologist along with his wife have launched a new study to determine wether your beloved family pet dog is a genius or not. Dogs are not logical thinkers but Hare believes they have far superior social skills to rival even the most intelligent primates.

Bruce’s Doggy Day Care definitely has some deep thinking dogs coming to doggy day care in Chiswick. The dog walkers in Chiswick have been amazed at the lengths some of the dogs will go to get a treat or how quickly they pick up tricks and gestures. This only shows the dog walkers in Chiswick that the dogs coming to Bruce’s doggy day care in Chiswick are some of the most intelligent pooches out there! 🙂

To read the full article and inerview with Brian Hare as reported by Wired.com