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Meet the pampered dogs who have their own stairlift

Apr 2013
By Bruce Casalis

Doting owners Sheila and Harry Lee have invested £1500 in a fully functioning doggy stairlift for their three Dachshunds Pippa, Millie and Heidi. After their eldest dog Pippa developed back problems and saw they difficulty she was having climbing up and down the stairs they found the ideal answer. They had a custom built chair lift for their dogs and all three love their rides up and down the stairs too! :)

Bruce's Doggy day care in Chiswick often comes across clients who have special needs for their dogs. Coming to Doggy Day Care in Chiswick is more than just a dog walk and all the Chiswick Dog Walkers take pride in knowing each one of the dogs and their individual needs. Bruce's Doggy Day Care in Chiswick caters for all different breeds and especially tailors their excerise needs if they have an exisiting medical condition. 

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