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New Year’s resolutions for your dog

By Bruce Casalis
New Year's resolutions dog diet exercise socialisation neutering breed doggy daycare


New Year’s resolutions are not just for humans! It’s a good time to take a look at your dog’s habits and lifestyle too. So why not start the year with an assessment of your dog’s needs and address any issues.

Here are some top tips for your four-legged friends in 2019.

  • Diet: are they eating the correct amount and right food for their height and breed? Human food and unhealthy treats will not provide the nutrition they need. Stick to good quality dog food with the occasional dog-specific treat. Here are some healthy homemade dog treats you can make at home.

  • Exercise: get the balance right – under-exercise leads to unfit obese dogs and over-exercise can cause joint problems. For example, retrievers can be susceptible to stiffness in their hips and less active breeds such as pugs can suffer from obesity. The Blue Cross has put together and dog and human-friendly work out that will get you feeling fit.

  • Socialisation: integration and socialisation with other dogs is core for a rounded well-balanced pet. Puppies not socialised at a young age, ideally as soon as they are fully vaccinated at around 11 weeks, will lack the social skills required to interact well with other dogs and humans.

  • Neutering: controversial but a recognised aid for better behaved sociable dogs. Some male dogs that aren’t neutered can become overexcited and possessive, making them difficult to handle on walks and when with other dogs.

  • Breed matching: is your lifestyle suited to your dog’s breed? Are you lively enough for a labradoodle or as chilled as a cockapoo? Make sure your dog and your lifestyle are fully compatible. This is particularly important when looking to add a new four-legged friend to your family.

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