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Pooch Pops!

By hannah

It's heating up and enjoying an ice lolly or ice cream is a summer fave. Dogs can also enjoy a frozen treat and it can be the perfect way to cool down. There are lots of healthy ingredients you can add that will make a delicious addition to your dog's diet. Try out some of these treat combos!

 Bite-sized frozen treats!


Mix the following ingredients in an ice cube or biscuit tray and pop in the freezer for the perfect mini treats

  • Banana and yoghurt.
  • Water and strawberry topped with doggy friendly peanut butter.
  • Watermelon
  • Chicken stock
  • Blueberries and yoghurt

Alternatively, you can fill your dogs Kong or similar toy with the above ingredients for a great boredom buster.


Don't fancy getting your paws mucky? No problem, Woof & Brew have ready-made pawsecco ice lollies ready for the freezer!

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