Bruce’s Online Support Club


Does your dog pull on the lead? Do they have a habit of jumping up at family members or strangers? Do they struggle to listen when out and about?

These are just a few examples that you and other dog owners may struggle with whilst your dog is learning.

Our Online Support Club gives you remote 1-2-1 access to our Expert Dog Coaches over a 4 week period to help decipher and support your training ambitions.

Our team can support with a variety of topics from jumping up and recall to loose lead walking, settle to mat and many more other concerns.


How it works… 

Once booked, your Bruce’s Expert Dog Coach will be in touch to start your online dog training and confirm when your first session will start.

During the first contact with your Coach, you will be asked a few additional questions regarding your dog and their training goals, which you can reply or voice note back too. 

The Club runs for 4 weeks and once a week you will have remote 1-2-1 communication with your Expert Dog Coach via email or Whatsapp to run through the training advice and support you need to ensure you and your dog are on track to reach your goals. 

Please note that during your first assessment it may show that a personalised training plan and support will be more successful, to which your Expert Dog Coach would recommend Bruce’s online 1-2-1 Expert Advice.