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Puppy Socialisation

The Doggy Day Care Centre offers the perfect environment for your puppy to grow and socialise. We know that it is critical that puppies are not over exercised and so the centre has been designed with your puppy’s needs in mind.

The big comfy beds and peace and quiet of the indoor areas give your puppy the chance to sleep and rest, and there are crates that we use to feed the puppies their lunch. This also serves as a valuable training tool, since the best-behaved puppy gets fed first. This means that very quickly the naughtiest, greediest puppies learn to sit and wait respectfully, eager to please!

The pack acts as a natural extension of a litter and allows your puppy to socialise and interact with other puppies, whilst learning from the older, well behaved dogs. Since we only accept social dogs and supervise the dogs constantly, your puppy will never be at risk of getting hurt or be a victim of rough play or bullying.

We believe puppies that attend Bruce’s Doggy Day Care from a young age grow up to become the most social dogs you will ever come across!

Bruce’s Doggy Day Care can accept puppies as young as 11-12 weeks old, or once they are out of the vaccination period.

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