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Would you want your dog to talk?

This week a particularly famous dog has been on the lips of all our Barnes dog walkers. Uggie the dog from the hit film The Artist, is going to be releasing his memoirs in the shape of a written book this October! How is he going to do this you might ask as he is quite obviously missing opposable thumbs and the ability to write? His book will be transcribed by biographer Wendy Holden. Uggie had quite a turbulent upbringing as he was re-homed numerous times and then luckily was adopted by Omar von Muller, a dog trainer. So he should have a great story to “tell”!

This got all us Barnes dog walkers thinking, what if dogs could talk? All the stories from the Barnes Doggy day care centre and funny things they would come up with:) What time the postman came and all the neighbourhood gossip too. However, we all decided after much discussion,even though it would be great to hear all their stories and adventures. Sometimes just having them there to listen is the greatest thing of all about having a dog:)

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