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Ask Bruce: Second chance

Melissa is planning to take on a rescue dog as a family pet. She asks; where is the best place to start and should she consider a dog from overseas?


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Giving a rescue dog a second chance is a wonderful gesture and the rewards far outweigh any initial concerns. We have several rescue dogs at day care and they can make super pets.

Patience is needed as they may require extra support, love, and time, particularly if they have had a difficult past. Interestingly, overseas rescue dogs are often very well socialised with other dogs because they have been used to being around them on the street and in groups at rescue homes.


Senior dog enjoying scent work in the field and sniffing a tyre

At Bruce’s Doggy Day Care, we are huge supporters of the Dogs Trust charity. They rescue, rehabilitate and rehome dogs, and have centres all around the UK you can visit to find your forever friend.

The benefit of taking on a dog from them is that they know all the dogs in their care very well and will ensure you get the right match for your lifestyle. For example, if you have young children or other pets they will pick a dog that will get along with both.

I suggest you check out their website and pop along to your nearest centre for a chat. They’ll be delighted to see you as will their many residents!

This article first appeared in the November 2017 issue of award-winning community magazine Look Local