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Dog Enrichment

Dog enrichment is a really important part of owning a happy and healthy dog.  At Bruce’s doggy day care we know that providing regular enrichment can have many benefits for your dog.  This includes helping reduce stress and anxiety, promote relaxation, help strengthen bonds with their owners as well as preventing and treating undesirable behaviours like barking and fear aggression.

4 Types of Enrichment For Dogs

Combining the below 4 types of enrichment can be helpful to your dog’s happiness and well-being.


  • Social Enrichment 

Social enrichment is the practice of promoting contact with other dogs and animals.

  • Nutritional Enrichment

Nutritional enrichment encourages dogs to use natural foraging/feeding
behaviours to earn food.

  • Sensory Enrichment

Sensory enrichment can be used to stimulate the different senses of dogs,
such as sight, sound, or smell.

  • Mental & Physical Enrichment

Physical and mental stimulation can be achieved by playing sports, such as agility or fetch. Doing regular dog training, teaching good dog behaviours such as “sit” or tricks like “shake” and providing things like food puzzles where dogs have to work for their treat.

Dog Enrichment Toys & Equipment

There are many ways you can incorporate enrichment games within your home by buying or creating toys for your dogs to play with.


Spaniel running through a dog agility tunnel

  • Puzzle feeders and toys

Snuffle mats, treat balls and interactive feeds all offer ways of hiding treats so your dog has to use its sense of smell to find them. These are great ways to feed your dog, offering them challenges where they need to use their mind.


  • Lick Mats

Lick mats are textured rubber mats that can have wet food added too. They are another great way to add a new dimension to feeding time. They have an additional benefit of slowing down dogs who tend to eat too quickly.


  • Tug Toys

Whether you buy a rope or rubber tug toy from a shop or make your own with an old towel or t-shirt, tug toys are a great way to play with your dog. Offering great mental and physical stimulation.


  • Agility Equipment

If you have a large space available for your dog’s playtime then agility equipment would be a great addition to keep your dog happy. Set up an obstacle course with jumps, tunnels and weaving sticks for your dog to navigate, ideal for burning off some excess energy.


Choosing the right activities for your dog

Happy dog standing next to a gate

Choosing the right activities for your dog

Every dog is different, so you should consider what type of enrichment activities are suited to them to keep it enjoyable and safe.

Things to take in to consideration are:

  • Dogs Age
  • Dogs Size
  • Dogs Breed
  • Dogs Health & Physical Capability

If you are unsure if an activity is suitable for your dog, talk to your vet or consult a dog trainer who will be able to provide expert advice.


Dog Enrichment Areas At Bruces Doggy Day Care

Dog carer sat on the natural play equipment with cocker spaniel, pointer, golden retriever and labrador

Dog Enrichment Areas At Bruces Doggy Day Care

At Bruce’s doggy day care we have a range of enrichment areas at all of our centres to help keep your dogs tails wagging.

Every dog that joins us is taken into consideration and we have created different spaces they can all enjoy. These include:

  • Sniffing Safaris – An exciting zone designed for curious noses and minds to put their natural instincts to the test. Engaging a dogs brain is just as important as daily exercise and keeps them on their toes every day with something new!
  • Wild Wood – For the more adventurous pooches. The natural world is at the heart of these fields, encouraging our dogs to run, climb and discover all that Mother Nature has to offer with their best friends. Letting dogs be dogs! 
  • Hide & Treat – Calling all foragers! Our Hide & Treat fields give dogs the chance to follow their nose freely. From scented obstacle courses to treasure treat hunts, this zone keeps the more food orientated hounds enriched and happy!
  • Tiny Town – An enrichment zone designed with smaller dogs in mind. Everything from climbing frames to paddling pools have been carefully chosen to suit our tiniest of dogs and their similar sized pals.
  • Zen Gardens – The perfect place for pooches to relax and unwind. Natural aromas encourage dog relaxation and offer calming properties for those that just can’t say no to another round of zoomies with their best furry friends.
  • Agility Adventures – In this zone, it’s all about fun and agility! Physical challenges keep your dog on its paws both mentally and physically and keep the games flowing with their field friends.
  • Nature Trails – Getting back to nature by unlocking the senses with space that nurtures dogs natural talents. Dogs join forces with their furry friends to roam and explore everything from engaging bark pits to wild, earthy tunnels.

Dog Enrichment Training Workshop

Dog Enrichment Training Workshop

If you would like some professional advice our Happiness & Enrichment workshop is available to book.

Perfect for owners who are looking to understand how they can stimulate their dog’s senses through the use of natural enrichment activities. Making their pooches even happier.



Doggy day care with a difference

Doggy day care with a difference

With over 14 years of experience under our collars and a team of dog experts, Bruce’s continue to strive to learn about dogs and what makes them happy.

Our award winning doggy day care unleashes happiness and enriches the lives of dogs (and their families) with our magical combination of passionate expertise and dog socialisation fulfilment.

Find your nearest centre on our website and discover what services are available in your area!


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