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Dog Behaviour

Dog Behaviour

Understanding Dog Behaviour

Understanding your dog’s behaviour is one of the most important things you can learn. Not only does this allow you to keep your…

Dog Behaviour

Top 10 Most Friendly Dog Breeds

Choosing which dog breed to share your home with can be a hard one. With so many sizes and personalities to pick from,…

Dog Behaviour

Mango and her Doggy Day Care Success Story

Meet Mango! Meet Mango! Mango is a 3 year old Cocker Spaniel who joined Bruce’s Doggy Day Care in early March 2023.

Carer at Bruce's

Dog Behaviour

How Dogs Think…

Dogs are the oldest domesticated species Dogs are the oldest domesticated species They’ve been interacting with people for tens of thousands of years,…

Shih Tzu with long hair shaking it off at doggy day care

Dog Behaviour

Why does my dog “shake it off?”

A natural blow-dry A natural blow-dry Many of us have seen our dogs shake it off when wet. Science suggests that a wet…

Close up of a dogs paws

Dog Behaviour

Left or right paw?

According to Worldatlas only 10 percent of the human population is left-handed. Which leaves us wondering, do our dogs favour the left…

Dog Behaviour

Back to School!

Our usual routine has gone barking mad! While we prepare for some normality it’s important we remember our dogs may need some help getting…

Louise Head of Enrichment

Dog Behaviour

Doggy Body Language

Bruce’s Expert Dog Coaches Bruce’s Expert Dog Coaches With years of experience our Bruce’s Expert Dog Coaches are fluent in dog and know…

Dog carer cuddling two cockapoos

Dog Behaviour

Coping with separation anxiety

Today’s busy lifestyles mean you cannot always be with your puppy 24/7 and there may come a time where you’ll need to leave them home…

Shibu Inu wearing sun glasses

Dog Behaviour

Is your dog like you?

Recent research has shown that your dog’s personality could be the same as yours. So if you’re stressed, your dog will become…

Vizsla resting its head on one of our dog carers lap at doggy day care

Dog Behaviour

Ask Bruce: Overcoming fear

Fiona has a three-year-old cross-breed rescue dog she’s owned for five months. He has settled in well and has a gentle nature, but is…

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