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Dog Health & Hygiene

Golden retriever smiling in the snow at doggy day care

Dog Health & Hygiene

Bruce’s Winter Weather Tips

Despite having fur coats, the cold weather can still affect our dogs. We caught up with our Expert Dog Coaches to bring…

Labrador sleeping on their doggy bed

Dog Health & Hygiene

The imPAWtance of Doggy Downtime

Why downtime is important… Why downtime is important… Sleep is an important part of any dog’s day. The benefits include: Allows your…

Vizsla puppy getting a tummy rub from dog carer

Dog Health & Hygiene

Pampered pooch paws

A dog’s paws are pretty tough, built for all sorts of terrain and weather, however, some of the drier months can cause dry and…

Cockerpoo puppy playing with a ball at doggy day care

Dog Health & Hygiene

A dog’s life: neutering

Your puppy has settled into your home and is learning lots of new things through puppy training and socialisation. So far, so good! Now…

Dog advice on helping remove ticks

Dog Health & Hygiene

Dog Ticks – our top tips!

So what exactly are ticks? Well, there are various types of ticks, all of which can potentially cause harm to humans and dogs. Spotting…

Jack Russell puppy after a trip to the grooming salon

Dog Health & Hygiene

Autumn boosts for top dog health

Autumn is a beautiful season with nature’s glorious colours and, if we’re lucky, some late summer-style sunshine! But it also highlights that winter is…

Dog with a dog toothbrush in their mouth

Dog Health & Hygiene

Doggy Dental Care

Did you know… Did you know… Although very strong, dogs teeth are prone to weakness and decay just like ours, and therefore need…

dog having a de-shed from the dog groomer

Dog Health & Hygiene

Summer shedding top tips

What is dog shedding? What is dog shedding? The majority of dogs have a soft undercoat underneath a tougher topcoat. This undercoat…

Action shot of dog playing with water at doggy day care

Dog Health & Hygiene

Keeping your dog cool in a heatwave

During the summer months temperatures can rise considerably and it is important to know how to keep your dog cool and safe…

Beagle on the lead in an alert position

Dog Health & Hygiene

Alabama rot – a dog owners’ guide

  Alabama rot is a very rare but serious condition for dogs and has been seen in some areas of the UK this winter. Unfortunately,…

Close up of a dogs paws

Dog Health & Hygiene

Ask Bruce: Cutting claws

Barbara Turner asks Bruce; how do I cut my dog’s black nails? There is a pink area underneath each nail with…

Dog lying in their bed licking their fur

Dog Health & Hygiene

Ask Bruce: Treating dry skin

Ann Highgate asks if supplements are the best thing for her West Highland Terrier’s very dry skin? Supplements are important and…

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