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Bruce’s Dog Grooming FAQs

How much is dog grooming?

The price of a dog grooming session depends on the breed and size of your dog. It can also depend on what groomed style you would like and if it requires hand scissoring. 

How often should dogs get groomed?

Most dog breeds need grooming every 6-8 weeks as a minimum to maintain a healthy coat to avoid matts from developing

What does dog grooming include?

This depends on what service you book at your chosen salon. Dog grooming salons can offer a range of services from full grooming, bath and blow dry to nail clipping and teeth cleaning.

What is the meaning of dog grooming?

Dog grooming is an essential part of a dogs life in order to keep them comfortable and happy. It involves washing cutting and styling in order to keep your dogs coat healthy.

How much does it cost to groom a dog?

Dog grooming can range from anywhere between £30-£100 depending on the breed, style and service requested. It can go above this price for any additional services or charges. Every grooming salon varies. 

Do dogs feel better after grooming?

100% a dog feels better after grooming, especially if we have had to remove any dirt, tangles or matts from your dogs coat. 

Do dogs feel different after being groomed?

Your dog will feel more comfortable after being groomed. Also in the summer, by removing some of your dogs coat, they will feel lighter and cooler! 

Is grooming stressful for dogs?

It is always a good idea to get your dog used to being groomed from a young age so that the process is not overwhelming throughout its life. Our dog grooming salons will always do our best to ensure the environment is as calm and comfortable as possible for them. There are a lot of sounds, smells and surroundings for them to get used to so sometimes our dogs can feel nervous about being in a salon but a little reassurance goes a long way! 

How do dog groomers keep dogs still?

We have secure tables fitted with neck nooses and belly straps to ensure your dog is safe and comfortable when stood on the table. This also helps us groomers to keep them in a desired position and helps the groom run smoothly.

What is the most difficult dog to groom?

This depends on the size, temperament and nature of the dog. The bigger and hairier dogs often take the longest! 

Why do dogs go to groomers?

Dogs go to groomers so that we can help keep their coats clean and healthy. Often owners struggle to maintain this at home so we are always on hand to help. 

How do I tell my dog groomer what I want?

Pop your dog grooming salon an email or give them a call and ask to speak to your dogs stylist! You can also communicate with us via social media.


Book now


Book now

To make a booking or to speak with a member of the dog grooming team please give us a call and we would be happy to help!

For dog grooming at Bruce’s Cobham please call the team on 01932 698410 or email us.

For dog grooming at Bruce’s Battler’s Green please call the team on 01923 545680 or email us

For dog grooming at Bruce’s Woodcote Green please call the team on 020 8669 9299 or email us.