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Doggy dental care: regular, not random

One weekend recently I was walking my two Labradors, when they were running together and clashed. Roosha, the younger of the two, cracked a canine tooth. A subsequent visit to a veterinarian dental specialist to cap the tooth revealed that this is quite common.

While I was there, I also discovered a few other top tips about doggy dental care from Andrew Perry of Swindon-based Eastcott Veterinary Clinic and Hospital, the vet who treated Roosha.

Although very strong, dog’s teeth are prone to weakness and decay just like ours, and therefore need the same level of care including daily brushing.

And it’s not all about fancy toothpaste and top-of-the-range toothbrushes, it’s simply about frequency. Brushing your dog’s teeth daily with just water is more effective than a weekly or monthly session with expensive doggy toothpaste. Although a daily clean with a dog toothpaste is the best way to go if you can.

Andrew explained to me that brushing your dog’s teeth is as essential as brushing your own. It’s a simple two-minute exercise, preferably before bed and after all meals, and getting into a routine is key as like most things, prevention is better than cure.

So, before you brush your own teeth tonight, remember to do your dogs too: think regular, not random.