Bruce’s Puppy Training – Four Week Course


Becoming a dog parent for the first time can be a pretty full-on experience with so much to learn and understand about your new puppy, but we believe it should be fun!

Our four week puppy training course where we’ll help guide you, focusing not only on your pup, but also on you as the dog parent.

Available to puppies aged between 12 weeks and 6 months.


Bruce’s Cobham – Next course starting Saturday 18th November (9am and 10.30am), Saturday 6th January (9am and 10.30am) and Saturday 3rd February (9am and 10.30am)

Bruce’s Woodcote Green – Next course starting  Saturday 4th November (9am ), Saturday 6th January (9am and 10.30am) and Saturday 3rd February (9am and 10.30am)


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Learn to speak dog!

Week by week see your pup progress and develop into a happy, confident little pup who understands what’s required of them and is a little more prepared for life in the big world and as part of your family.

Week 1: Bouncer Come! Here we will work to cement the foundations of behaviours.

Week 2: Look at that walk. Teaching good walking manners, down & drop.

Week 3: Making new friends/Recall  Focus on all things socialisation so we can build on calm and polite manners when socialising our pup. Also includes settle, loose lead recap & emergency recall,

Week 4: Building our skill set & table manners. Speak more dog and understand how we can progress our training. Progressing building manners. Plus certificate of completion!