The Adolescent and Refresher Training – Six Week Course


Our adolescent and refresher course will address common challenges like leash pulling, running off, jumping up but also help embed the core basic training that may have been forgotten since being a puppy. 

With our new adolescent dog training course, we’ve taken our positive reinforcement training methods so it will be fun and engaging for both you and your dog. 

So whether your pup is feeling a little rebellious or needs some extra guidance during their adolescent phase, our new training course is here to help.

Join us and discover the secrets to navigating the teenage years with your dog by your side.

Duration of course: 6 weeks

Session length : 1hr session

Cost of course: £150

Suitable for dogs of any age, breed and activity level. 

Course Availability: 

Bruce’s Cobham – Starting on Saturday 6th January (12pm & 1.30pm)

Bruce’s Cobham- Starting on Saturday 17th February (12pm & 1.30pm)

Bruce’s Woodcote Green – Starting on Saturday 6th January (12pm)

Bruce’s Woodcote Green  – Saturday 17th February (12pm)



In our new course, both dogs and their owners can expect to learn a variety of skills and techniques.

 Over the 6 week course you’ll learn:

  • Basic foundation skills such as focus, attention, and obedience commands
  • Improve recall and loose lead walking
  • Refreshing practical skills from ‘find it’ to emergency stop and ‘bed’. 
  • Bring back the fun of having a dog with fun tricks
  • Combing all the learnings from the course