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Puppy Socialisation Checklist

Our puppy socialisation checklist is aimed at helping you to you socialise your new puppy in every way possible. New sights and…


New Puppy Checklist

Getting a new puppy is an exciting time for all of the family but there are lots of things to think about before…


 How To Socialise Your Puppy With Other Dogs

There are lots of places you can go to socialise your puppy with other dogs. Helping them have fun and build confidence. Let…


The Importance of Puppy Day Care

Enrolling your puppy into puppy day care is an important part of their training journey. The first 6 months of…


The importance of dog socialisation!

Dog socialisation is one of the most important opportunities you can give your puppy. But, it doesn’t stop there! Dogs should be…

Cavalier King Charles Spaniel playing with a dog toy in puppy preschool


A dog’s life: Preparing for a puppy

Getting a puppy is a very exciting time! But remember, puppies are a full-time responsibility and need lots of looking after in their early…

Labrador puppy on the trampoline at doggy day care


Ask Bruce: Puppy pads

Lucy Miles is collecting her new puppy soon and asks; are puppy pads a good idea for house training puppies? In short,…

Puppy preschool at Bruce's doggy day care on a summers day


A beginner’s guide to puppy socialisation

Puppies are super cute, cuddly and hard to resist, which is why many dog owners choose them over older dogs. However, be warned,…

Labrador wearing a christmas hat sat in front of a christmas tree


Canine Christmas? Four things to consider

Back in 1978, the Dogs Trust (then known as the National Canine Defence League) came up with the now famous slogan ‘A dog is…

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