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New Sites & Land Wanted

We’re looking for new sites across the UK and we need your help.

Key areas we’re currently searching…

Bristol / Bath

Southampton / Winchester

Guildford / Farnham

Wentworth / Sunningdale






Milton Keynes



South East London



Key search criteria

Woodcote Green shot of the brand new field

Key search criteria

  • Power and water
  • Ideally (but not essential) about 2,000 sq ft of indoor space

However, if you have a piece of land which doesn’t fit all of our search criteria, please do get in touch with us to discuss in more detail.


With paddling pools, agility courses, trampolines, heated log cabins, daily enrichment activities and a team of over 130 adoring staff, customers say it’s paradise for their dog.

Over the last 15 years we have continually improved and innovated our facilities and service. Now, demand far exceeds capacity at our current sites. With growing waiting lists we are looking to expand into new locations, first in the South East of England and then the UK.


Head of Land

Head of Land

Henry, Head of Land, has a background in increasing asset values for land owners. This has mainly been in the field of planning in both the rural and urban sectors.

He has dealt with a vast array of sites and  understands how to work with land owners to make  the most out of their land. 

“Dog day care is an increasingly in demand service  and we need sites in which to operate. By changing the use of land to this sector, dog day care increases  rental yields as well as capital value for the land  owner”. 

“I see this as being an excellent way for land owners  to make the most out of their assets.” 

Mobile: 07426 736 605

Email: [email protected]


Farmland, Cobham

Farmland, Cobham

Our Cobham site is located at a farm formerly used for dairy.

The land is unsuitable for arable farming due to poor soil quality and awkward field sizes, but ideal for Bruce’s. Our business provides a diversified non-seasonal income stream, and has enabled the landlord to benefit from planning gain. The Landlord initially rented 5 acres to Bruce, it was such a success for both that they have rented a further 20 acres.


Wellington Country Park, Reading

Bruce's doggy day care Wellington Country Park cabin

Wellington Country Park, Reading

At Wellington Country Park, Bruce’s occupies a previously redundant parcel of land.

With good access, existing infrastructure and being located close to affluence, the site was perfect for us. Our business is a fantastic fit for Wellington Country Park, many of its visitors are enthusiastic dog owners and our service drives footfall.

“We believe that their brand and service quality will increase our current product and tenant mix and allow us to obtain new sources of income from underutilized land.” – Andrew Speed, Real Estate Director, Wellington Estates.


Dobbies Garden Centre, Croydon

Dobbies Garden Centre, Croydon

Our site at Dobbies in Croydon demonstrates the success of this new concept for garden centre concessions.

In a fantastic location, close to affluence but with underutilised excess space, this was an ideal location for Bruce’s. Dobbies benefits from having our service on site as dog owners generally have a natural affinity with the great outdoors, walking, hiking and enjoying their gardens, making them perfect garden centre customers.

Think you can help?

If you think you can help or know of a site that could be the perfect place to give happy dog owners the opportunity to enjoy this wonderful service, please get in touch.

07426 736 605

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    If you are an agent and you introduce a site to us that we open we will pay fees in the usual way.

    Please don’t hesitate to contact us for more details.